VyprVPN Review 2019

This manuscript was delayed for several months before it was sent. Frank first said that he apologized. At present, there are too many network optimization options available on the Internet. Many people pay great attention to speed performance. My needs are not the same. I also value the information security measures after access. Today I recommend a service provider that is also a long-established with Astrill: VyprVPN, which is operated by Golden Frog. It is said that it has a large number of network engineers with more than ten years of development experience. The most important thing is that VyprVPN has its own VPN server (hardware) instead of choosing server hosting like most VPN service providers. The freedom of security construction is 100%. . Let’s take a look at what technical resources this service has:

Technical resources

This service provider has more than 200,000 dynamic IP addresses and more than 700 servers. If one server is down, it will be dynamically switched to other servers in the server farm. The service is divided into three packages: Basic, Pro, and Premier. A too tasteless, only supports the PPTP protocol, but the egg is x1, and the Pro version is the real choice, you can enjoy:

  • NAT firewall;
  • PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, Chameleon protocol developed by Golden Frog;
  • 3 devices are used online at the same time;
  • Unlimited traffic;
  • Unlimited server conversions;

Let’s talk about security first:

NAT Firewall

With this dude, we have established a new layer of security after accessing VyprVPN. She will block traffic to our host without request, and you don’t need to do additional configuration on the client because NAT The firewall is deployed on the merchant’s server.

The firewall is known to everyone when they first came into contact with a computer (Windows) 10 years ago. It can be used to filter various malicious programs, viruses and garbage traffic on the public network. Personal firewall programs are set on both Win and OS X. We write a Formula to compare the route jump process with NAT firewall and no NAT firewall:

Not equipped with NAT firewall: (<=> stands for encrypted channel)

Devices connected to the LAN <=>Home Routing NAT firewall <-> ISP <=> VPN server <-> Internet

Equipped with a NAT firewall:

Devices connected to the LAN <=>Home Routing NAT firewall <-> ISP <=> VPN server <-> NAT firewall <-> Internet

In other words, VyprVPN must be filtered by the NAT firewall when it returns feedback to the public IP packets. This design is double insurance for individual users.


DNS This technology converts a website domain name into a computer-readable IP address (such as All Internet users’ hosts depend on the network operator’s DNS server or third-party DNS, while third-party DNS is for most. Home users who are unfamiliar with network knowledge are arbitrarily x2, and they will not modify the DNS address themselves in the network link, and these public DNS will usually record your Internet activity. Golden Frog provides the default VyprDNS service for these small white users. When you access the service, it will automatically use the DNS address provided by the home, so that the pages that need to be accessed are automatically redirected to other websites or cannot access the legend. A few big US emperors website. Moreover, VyprDNS does not retain the user’s host name, URL, and other online records.

Actual performance, using the default VyprDNS access speed is too slow, we will mention later in the line test chapter. I have improved the speed of setting up Google DNS several times.

Supported agreement


To be honest, the PPTP protocol has been blocked. In addition to Vypr, a large-scale service provider, you can buy hijacked services that are frequently hijacked. Vypr supports PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN, and its own research and development. The Chameleon protocol, the PPTP protocol features a 128-bit encryption level, second only to OpenVPN and Chameleon, and supports the widest range of clients.

The following is a table comparison of the four agreements, at a glance:


L2TP used to be the object of xx key blockade. Usually, don’t use it, the slowest.


OpenVPN provides a higher level of encryption (256-bit), but it was also the protocol that xx focused on, and the loading speed did a good job. If you choose 160-bit encryption, you can get higher performance.


In addition to the above three common VPN protocols, Vypr has also developed a protocol called Chameleon, which can effectively avoid the blocking and blocking of xx. This technology was first announced in 2014. She evolved based on the OpenVPN protocol, making xx impossible. Perform DPI (Deep Sniffing), using the non-writable 256-bit protocol for underlying encryption without compromising data transmission security.

Currently, Chameleon is only compatible with clients on Windows, Mac, and Android platforms. Chameleon is not used by iOS clients due to iOS system limitations.

VyprVPN client

Next, let’s introduce the use of the client, first look at the Mac platform: (client download)

The client supports automatic reconnection after disconnection. If you are too lazy to pick the server, you can choose the best server recommended by the program. You can directly access it after access. It is worth mentioning that I use it in my friend’s telecom 4M ADSL environment. Youtube, Twitter’s performance is even faster than my Unicom 20M fiber, it seems that the performance difference between each operator is quite large.

You can see real-time upstream and downstream traffic changes.

In the unconnected state, click the “Map” icon on the right side of the “Connect” button to select the server. The delay on the right side of the server is too bad. Japan and South Korea, Australia is OK.

Unfortunately, his iOS app only supports IPSec, but the speed is good, you can install the certificate before use. The same way as the Mac version, the best server automatically recommended by the program is South Korea.

Apps integrated with VyprVPN


Feat VPN is an Andoid app that can be used with Android 2.1 – 5.0 or higher using Vypr’s OpenVPN protocol. Feat VPN does not require you to have ROOT permissions on the device, so you can avoid giving up product warranty in order to use OpenVPN. Feat VPN is available in both free and commercial versions. The free version of Feat VPN Lite is for users who occasionally use OpenVPN. It will control the daily use of VPN for one hour, and the commercial version has no time limit.


Tunnelblick is OpenVPN free open source software for OS X that supports multiple connections and can quickly switch between multiple VPN connections in the Menubar.


The process of adding profiles to Viscosity is very easy compared to Tunnelblick. It is much cheaper than Shimo, and the software is exquisitely designed. It has real-time traffic monitoring and AppleScript interoperability. It supports a wide range of OS X system versions (10.5~10.9). )

Synology NAS

Synology offers interactive, quiet, versatile and secure network-attached storage and monitoring products to meet the needs of individual users, small, medium and large businesses. Use VyprVPN with Synology NAS devices to securely store files on the network without interference from third parties. Synology products are suitable for many industries.

OpenVPN Connect (App download)

Although the official app does not support OpenVPN, we can choose a third-party app like OpenVPN Connect to connect to Vypr’s OpenVPN protocol. This app was developed by OpenVPN Technologies.


Easily import .ovpn configuration files via iTunes, OpenVPN access servers, private tunnels, or browser links.
State-of-the-art power management technology reduces battery usage.
Multi-factor authentication is supported through OpenVPN static and dynamic challenge/response protocols.
Full support for IPv6 (for tunneling and transport layers).

Purchase Guide

In general, VyprVPN is a comprehensive network service with high speed and good security. You don’t have to worry about the HTTP agent’s monthly fear of over-traffic. The rich server nodes allow you to switch at any time. Faster loading speed, good optimization for video network services for some of the traditional social interactions of the US, this service provider supports 365 days of 7 days x 24 hours after-sales service.

Member Price

The 2018 VyprVPN special event continues, and annual membership members enjoy a 30% discount! ! ! Currently VyprVPN offers two membership programs, Normal and Premium. The two members plan to pay 9.95 knives and 12.95 knives respectively, but if you choose to pay annually, the overall cost will be saved by 25%. The Normal annual membership is only 60 knives, and the Premium Premium member is only 80 knives per year. Premium Premium members support three devices at the same time compared to Normal, and additionally provide VyprVPN Cloud and Chameleon protocols. Both member modes support VyprVPN’s high-bandwidth service, which can switch more than 70 server nodes worldwide, as well as full-platform clients, and can also be tested for free for three days!

VyprVPN supports payment via Alipay, credit card, and PayPal.