Hide My Ass! Full Review 2019

Hide My Ass! has also been a network red service provider with 11 years of development history. Now it has been acquired by security software company Avast. Their marketing strategy is very unique, no high-end technology is pushed, just the client experience. I have done a lot of articles, designed the Instant MODE, Location MODE, Freedom MODE three connection modes, respectively for the user’s public Wi-Fi environment, cross-border browsing area restricted video resources (such as Netflix, etc.) and website browsing mode.

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Basic Quality

Support client: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux
Bandwidth rate is unlimited: none
supporting agreement:
Server deployment: 760+ servers across more than 190 countries or regions
Maximum number of devices that can be logged in at the same time: 5
Additional value added services:

member price

In terms of member pricing, I think HMA is a little expensive. The monthly standard price is 11.99 knives, and the annual paid price is 83.88 knives, which is equivalent to 6.99 knives per month, which is 60 knives less than monthly payment. If you choose a semi-annual, 6-month membership program, the monthly price is 7.99 knives, which saves 24 knives compared to paying 6 months per month. It is more appropriate for individuals to recommend their annual membership. The monthly payment price is too high. . In addition to supporting mainstream credit card payment methods, HMA also supports UnionPay and PayPal payments, with a 30-day refund.

The annual payment price of HMA is subject to change, which is subject to the official website price.

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