NordVPN Full Review 2019

As a VPN service provider in recent years, NordVPN has gradually attracted a large number of users with affordable price and stable service. At present, their attention has surpassed VyprVPN and Astrill in China. This new player established in 2012 is now in the 5,000+ servers have been deployed in 62 countries around the world, and they are still expanding their markets. The company attaches great importance to the development of the Chinese mainland market. Although the mainland has a serious blockade, they have established a direct access for Chinese users in the wall. Visit the home page and domain name.

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NordVPN basic quality

  • Support clients: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, Windows Phone, Apple TV, BlackBerry, browser plugin (Chrome/Firefox), various routers.
  • Encryption technology: military level, CyberSec, Double VPN
  • Bandwidth rate is unlimited: none
  • Support protocol: IKEv2 / IPsec, OpenVPN
  • Server deployment: 62 countries and regions around the world, 5000+ servers
  • Maximum number of devices that can be logged in at the same time: 6
  • Additional value-added services: exclusive IP address

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NordVPN product features 1: security

The server vendor attaches great importance to network security. First, they used military-grade encryption technology and used the 256-bit key AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption algorithm. The most popular IKEv2/IPsec and OpenVPN are used in the transport protocol;
Secondly, the service provider invented CyberSec technology to stop dangerous websites, avoid botnet control, and block annoying advertisements;
Finally, Double VPN technology is used to implement two encrypted Internet traffic to help users protect their sensitive personal information.

NordVPN Product Features 2: Privacy Protection

Her family implements a strict log-free policy, never saves any of the user’s online activity logs, and because NordVPN headquarters are not in the EU and US jurisdictions, they are not required to collect user data and information;
Automatic Kill Switch, once your VPN connection is dropped, the technology automatically terminates the selected program or the entire device to access the network, ensuring that you are not monitored and tracked;

Test whether DNS leaks technology. Use this test technology to determine if there is any traffic in your connection. If traffic is sent through normal, unencrypted routes, it will be intercepted by unauthorized parties, such as communication carriers and DNS providers. Leak, NordVPN will help you find the problem by mail, phone and other customer service support, very intimate service;

Finally, Onion Over VPN, a technology that mixes Onion Tor with NordVPN, allows users to log in to their account and only select the Onion over NordVPN node server to ensure that the carrier does not know that the user is using the Onion network to browse the web and After the user finally exits the node, the user’s Internet traffic is encrypted and cannot be discovered by government agencies or cybercriminals.

NordVPN product feature 3: outstanding performance and service

In addition to the rich server nodes available, SmartPlay technology can also help users easily break through streaming sites that rely on location restrictions, such as Netflix/Hulu/Youtube.
NordVPN does not deliberately slow down users’ P2P activity by limiting bandwidth as many network services and VPN providers do. In contrast, NordVPN offers hundreds of servers optimized for P2P activities in different locations around the world.

NordVPN Product Features 4: Support for multiple platforms

NordVPN has developed a native app for Mac/Win/Android/iOS/Linux/Chrome/Firefox/Android TV systems;
A dedicated IP is provided. Compared with the shared IP address, which is used by hundreds of users at the same time, the user can select the exclusive IP and then perform the proxy access operation to avoid occasionally requesting account verification when accessing websites such as Gmail, eBay, and PayPal. Or, like many corporate users, they also choose a proprietary IP to secure their channels.

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NordVPN price

The price of NordVPN members changes very quickly, but basically it is divided into three-year, two-year, one-year and the most uneconomical monthly subscription plan. It is definitely the three-year equivalent monthly fee is the cheapest. We have encountered a three-year membership price of 2 knives, 3 knives, etc., based on the latest official event prices.

Buy package official website support paypal, Alipay, micro credit card, bitcoin multiple ways:

Written at the end

In general, NordVPN is a very balanced VPN service provider that supports almost all operating systems and develops native clients for it. It can support up to six registered devices to log in at the same time. It has military-grade encryption technology and bandwidth. There is no limit to the rate, support for mainstream protocols, and deployment of 5000+ servers in 62 countries around the world. This powerful service resource also provides users with a conscience service price, which is really amazing.

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