tigerVPN Full Review 2019

The name of this service provider is relatively small in the top 10 list. TigerVPN has deployed more than 300 servers in 62 computer nodes in 43 countries around the world, supporting client services for the four platforms of Mac, Win, iOS and Android.

Basic Quality

Support client: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Shimo
Encryption technology: military level
Bandwidth rate is unlimited: none
Support agreement: self-designed DNS server
Server deployment: 300+ servers in 43 countries, 62 regions
Maximum number of devices that can be logged in at the same time: 5
Additional value added services: none
Refund policy: 7 days no reason to refund

member price

Paying a monthly fee of 11.99 knives, a one-year member pays 6.66 knives a month, and a three-year member pays 2.75 knives a month, but it is a bit strange that a three-year member can’t enjoy the use of StickyPassword and Shimo clients, 7 days back.