TunnelBear Full Review 2019

Basic Quality

  • Support client: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Shimo
  • encryption: AES 256
  • Bandwidth rate is unlimited: none
  • supporting agreement:
  • Server deployment: 300+ servers in 43 countries, 62 regions
  • Maximum number of devices that can be logged in at the same time: 5
  • Additional value added services:
  • Refund policy: 7 days no reason to refund

TunnelBear is a cute VPN service tool, suitable for small white users who have heavy dependence on foreign Internet services. It supports simulated English, American, Canadian, German, French, Japanese and Australian. From then on, Spotify, Youtube, Rdio It’s not an obstacle. After using it, I feel that the access speed is comparable to that of my Astrill. TunnelBear protects the user’s online environment by preventing data such as advertisements, web analytics, social buttons and other scripts from tracking user personal information.


TunnelBear’s free account gives 500 MB of traffic (every month), and the paid account “Giant” pays 7.99 knives per month, which enjoys unlimited traffic and can be used simultaneously in both types of mobile clients. The VPN service for traffic, this price is absolutely competitive, the last luxury account service “Grizzly” is the upgraded version of “Giant”, which can support up to five devices online at the same time. The Grizzly package is currently in action, and you can enjoy year-round service with just 39.99 knives, which is equivalent to 3.33 knives per month, which is 58% less than Giant.

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